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"The most important thing is believing that you can win the match."

Andy Murray, on beating Roger Federer


"I am always nervous before a match. I always have been."

Jonny Wilkinson, Rugby

Dr Victor Thompson at triathlon world championships

Dr Victor Thompson (right), at 2005 Triathlon Age-Group World Championships, in Hawaii.

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"I need to do this because I enjoy it."

Carolina Kluft, Olympic & World Champion Heptathlete


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  • Welcome, I'm Dr Victor Thompson, a Sports Psychologist AND competitive sportsperson based in London (read more at About Dr VT)
  • I am an expert in anxiety, stress and confidence (read more in the Specialist areas section)
  • I help with other deeper issues or those requiring a more comprehensive assessment
  • I see clients in Victoria SW1 and East Dulwich SE22 (London)
  • I also offer consultations by telephone or Skype, so you can get help wherever you are in the world (for more on the consultations visit the Consultations page)
  • I help juniors (see child sports psychology page) as well as adults

On this Sports Psychologist .co.uk site

You will find out about the common psychological difficulties that can effect your sports performance, explanations of what sports psychology is, free sports psychology tips to improve your performance and recommended books if you want follow a 'do-it-yourself' approach. (Follow the sport sections link below for more details.)

You can also read about how I can help you directly (programmes via email, telephone or face-to-face consultations in London UK, or stress management CDs). If you don't find what you are looking for, or don't have time to read this site then send me an email.

If you know that you'd like to book a consultation in London Victoria SW1(see map) or East Dulwich SE22 (see map), then send me an email.

I have helped to improve the performance of athletes in a wide range of sports including boxing, golf, tennis, fencing, swimming, cricket, triathlon, football, motor-racing, table tennis, ten-pin bowling, cycling, running, shooting, and rowing (from 2 KM to across the Atlantic races). I've some sport-specific sections that my be more relevant for you:

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Why see Dr Victor Thompson?

Not only am I a Sports Psychologist, I compete too. I race triathlons. High points have been winning a silver medal at the Nationals, and racing the World Championships twice. Low points include nearly dying after an Ironman triathlon (I was shocked and resuscitated) You can read my Ironman survival story on the About Dr VT page. Many people I work with comment on how beneficial it is to be able to bring an insight as a competitor myself. Read more about my sports experience.

I have another advantage - I'm a qualified Clinical Psychologist. This means that I've had an additional three years of full-time training in assessing, understanding the person's difficulty, and helping people with a range of psychological difficulties (e.g., stress, anxiety, low-mood, addictive behaviours, low-self esteem, problems with eating...). Not everyone has any of these difficulties, but I bring my interview skills to every consultation. Read more about this on my Specialist areas page.

Read my psychological opinion on sports psychology topics

I've added a Articles & Media section lists some of my media appearances along with some pieces that I've written. I've not updated these for a while, although they may still be interesting for you to read. These include:

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