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Sports Psychology consultations & appointments

At the moment, Sports Psychology assessment appointments are available in Victoria (Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons / evenings) and East Dulwich, London (Fridays, plus Saturday mornings).

Consultations last 50 minutes and are used to explore what you are looking for, to see if I can understand what is going on, offer any solutions and agree an action plan. Often you will be given suggestions to go away and try. For many clients, one session is all that is needed.

I also can arrange site visits (to where you peform) and workshops (to teams and clubs).

Booking a sports psychology consultation

Simply send me an email with:

  • information on how your difficulty effects your performance
  • some details on what you are looking for
  • your telephone number
  • whether you'd like to meet or have a consultation over the phone

I will then try to email or telephone you to exchange some further details to help both of us decide if we should go ahead and work together. You would then proceed by booking a consultation in East Dulwich or London Victoria (UK), over the telephone or by Skype - evening times are available.

At the end of the first consultation I will let you know what sports psychology assistance I can offer to help you perform better. We then decide on how to address your difficulty. This is done through a joint process of gathering information, generating potential causes for the difficulty, trying out a possible solution and assessing its effectiveness. 

These consultations normally last 50 minutes and are often held in the evening or at the weekend. 

Consultations often focus on helping to:

  • Increase confidence
  • Manage stress & tension
  • Overcome a setback
  • Increase motivation & goal setting
  • Improve concentration
  • Develop imagery skills

Victoria clinic, London SW1

Located right outside Victoria train/tube station, on Victoria Street, conveniently located at the Victoria transport hub. (Appointments must be booked in advance.)

Accessibility note: the clinic rooms are only accessible by climbing several flights of stairs. I apologise for the lack of lift access.


East Dulwich clinic, SE22

Appointments are available in East Dulwich, just off Forest HIll Road above the Peckham Rye Park. Dovedale Road is a quiet residential street without parking meters.

If travelling on public transport you can go to Honor Oak Park station, served by trains from London Bridge (10-15 minutes), or the new orange Overland ‘tube’ from east London (e.g. 17 minutes from Canary Wharf). Then you have a 15-20 minute walk or bus journey. Peckham Rye overland train station is about a mile away, trains take about 10 minutes from London Bridge. You will then have the option of having a walk or taking a bus.

London travel connections can be checked-out at:

Skype and telephone consultations

Skype and telephone consultations are also available at other times that may be easier to fit into your schedule - due to work commitments or because you don't live near to London. These consultations are usualy booked for 50 minutes, but if they last less than 50 minutes, the charge is reduced.

Email (help@sportspsychologist.co.uk) or phone to find out how I can help.

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